2009 Final Contract Year
Hi I just had this video come acccross my desk and as we are looking forward thought you might enjoy it

Let's make the learning happen for our Kids and Ourselves.

End of Year reporting on what you put in place and a small reflection on this
from attending Learning @School Conference Feb 24-27 (see navigation panel for information page) please add to Comments cell

Regional Day on Wednesday was a great place to discuss a variety of ideas. Im looking forward to the challenge.
Links to the day are http://waikatohg.wikispaces.com/

Literacy Reporting
As literacy is our reporting focus for 2009 I have created a wiki specially for this data collecting .
Our first Milestone reporting was June 5. and all the reports are there for you to see.
Next Milestone is Nov 13th. Watch for emails asking for surveys to be filled out on line, school rubrics to be completed and data recording to be placed on goodtogreat

Sustainability notes from Inness
Senoir Litercy Day. Sandy's Powerpoint can be viewed at https://goodtogreat.wikispaces.com

Check this out

Term 4 2008 Here we come
Kids Conference Nov 4.... Wow what a day. Kids working with Kids


They will be presenting to Teachers on Celebrations night.

Term3... Wow once again we enter a exciting term with preparing students for the future and our "Kids Conference"

Welcome to Steven McFetridge( Bethel Principal)and Scott Wilson ( Puahue Principal) who have joined our team.
We are looking for your suggestions for your school for Kids Conference Please click the tab and make your choice.

Looking for an intreactive Learning unit... This is conected with Alice in Wonderland


A story about a foal Brookdancer http://www.bedtime-story.com/bedtime-story/brookdancer.htm

The real story of Cinderella as told by the mouse in the Attic

Term 2
begins and we comence another learning schol term.
Ive been lucky enough to have attended a Marvin training course along with Mel from Pukeatua. What fun we had with our characters.

If you wish to purchase this software it is $200AU for 5 years. This is unlimited licence use for your staff and computers.
This was demonstrated well at L@S and is a fun piece of softare with untouched potential. It can be added to a powerpoint , a section into a movie or stand alone as a story with its characters.
Also in the holidays Rosemary and I presented for Te Kuiti School on Inquiry Learning for Littles. Please view Learning @school 2008 for this Powerpoint. Maureen Lambert from the ministry was there helping them look closer at their planning for the revised curriculum document.

An email from Mark Treadwell alerts us all to the avaliability of his new book.


I have ordered the CD so will let you have a peep.

During the term most of you heard me talking about a book called Grandpa for Sale. Great book to use for a thinking exercise.
Grandpa for SaleWritten by Dotti Enderle and Vicki Sansum | Illustrated by T. Kyle Gentry
8.5 x 11 | 32 pages | Ages 4-8 | Flashlight Press | Published in 2007 | ISBN 9780972922586
As her Grandpa naps on the sofa, Lizzie minds the family antique store. When the extravagantly rich Mrs. Bradley Larchmont III enters the shop and begins a buying spree, she refuses to leave without bargaining for an unexpected item ... Lizzie's Grandpa! As the stakes rise, Lizzie imagines all of the fabulous things she could buy with the money she is offered. But what fun would a sailboat, an ice cream parlor, or an amusement park be without Grandpa? Readers will enjoy the clever play between gray tones and vivid color that illustrates Lizzie's growing conflict. This farcical storyline, coupled with vibrant paintings, ultimately stresses the importance of family and friendship over material possessions and selfish, money-driven desires.

If you use this book I'd love to hear how your students and you enjoyed it.
For more exciting books http://www.lookybook.com/

Term 1 2008
29 Feb
Awesome conference team. I was certainly proud of you all . I just knew you could do it and you are. Im still buzzing.
Im out and about this week and wow things are happening and it is sooo exciting
I now will spend time over the weekend up dating this site

Hi here is a link to Marks talk last week.

He also gave us a list of suggested readings. Happy Reading

· Web site reviews, (LHS on menu) http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/
· School V2.0 http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Schoolv2.html
· Professional Development readings, http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/research.htm
· Monthly newsletter http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/archive.htm (These will recommence in Feb 2008 once the book is completed)
· Digital content libraries http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/Online_Digital_Content.htm and
· Image libraries http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/Online_Image_Libraries.htm
· Marks Online notes; 2nd paradigm http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm%20home.html
· The 2nd Renaissance "Nouvelle Compréhension" http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Nouvelle_1.html
· John Hattie's Research http://www.i-learnt.com/Environments_SM_&_LMS_6.html
· The Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/
· QUT Free online Information literacy course http://pilot.library.qut.edu.au/
· Competencies http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Competencies.html Rose Hipkins video discussion of competencies is available from http://www.tki.org.nz/r/nzcurriculum/schl-curriculum-design/key-comp-studies-06_e.php and makes a great staff meeting presentation.
· Eclectic-Sequential-Relational http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Consequences.html
· Google Advanced Search http://www.google.co.nz/advanced_search?hl=en (for searching creative commons resources)
· MoE paper on Assessment http://www.minedu.govt.nz/index.cfm?layout=document&documentid=11249&data=l link is on the bottom of the page to the pdf download

Welcome back to 2008
Wow what an awesome year we have planned.
Mark Treadwell is all set for his visit to us on Feb 7th at Cambridge East. This is an exciting event for our teachers, especially those not attending Learning@School Conference.
I have added some more menu bars on our left hand side one for new personnal to our cluster, a calendar (I Think) and a Learning@School page. Hope you will find this useful.

Remember this is your space and contrabutions are expected as we are a learning community.

Check out this site for more of Sharon Fresians work on inquiry.


Check out Wharepapa Sth PodCast . They were selected for a special Friendly School Award from What Now. (Pod Cast link)
Digital Stories.
50 ways to telll a story.

Flicker is an online Web2 tool Have alook at this- video tutorial (18 mins) which explains how to use Flickr, the online photo storage, organiser and sharing site. Has awesome potential for using photos in visual language context.
Flickr video tutorial

A Message From Jill Hammond:-For all those who enjoyed the Time4Online Conference earlier in the year, here is another great opportunity to extend your knowledge and skills about online learning.? Remember too, that the Time4Online Conference material is still available at http://time4online.org.nz If you haven't been in to look, or passed the info on to your school(s) now is still a great time

Check this out as well:

Here is a link to a free online conference that has lots of interesting ICT content.
Derek Wenmoth from NZ is presenting. There is a special section on Web 2.0 classrooms.

October 12 Hi . I'm finally in to the wiki space. Looking forward to adding to this space.
October 7 2007
Wow what a Ulearn Conference we have just had. John, Trisha and I attended this 4 day conference held in Auckland last week. Guest speakers were Ewan McIntosh from Edinburgh talking on Harnessing New Technologies. He just blew us all away with his humour and envolvement with Web2 tools. Did you know that there are 2 new blogs created every 2 seconds!! Have you created yours?
Helen Baxter spoke on how to prepare students for jobs not yet created. Boiled down to understanding students learning styles, nurturing creativity and facilitating innovators.
Tony Ryan was such a practial man speaking on engaging students. he certainly walks the talk.
I was lucky enough to do a workshop with Tony as well as Julia Atkin looking at the Implementation of the New Curriculum. Her advice is to decide what you want for you school then look at the Curriculum Document.

Hi there, lets use this wiki space as a sharing and reflective space. Im sure we will all help each other in our journey as better educators.
WaiLITE Cluster is made up of 9 primary schools in and around Cambridge and Te Awamutu.
This wiki has been set up to provide us with an area to share readings, ideas, happenings and reflections. Please feel fee to add web sites you may have found interesting for others to share. How about starting up a discusion in the discussion page? You can monitor this through a RSV thread which will link all additions to your email.
If you need help in setting up your wiki just look in here.
http://www.wikispaces.com/help#tochelp21Wiki Help

Values and Beliefs.
Julia Atkin has some great things to say about quality teaching and learning.