Hi After returning from our trip to Vienna with Tigger I looked for an exciting way to display his photos on our blog site.

Check this out.
Click to play Austria
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If you want to follow the link it has an advert ( Nothing is really free)and then downloads the scrap book.

To Blog or not to Blog

There has been a lot of exciting learning taken place through Blogging. This is like an interactive diary where work can be published and replied to if people have access to your site. Carolyn and Julia have had great success with class blogs. I recently aked a child in Carolyns room why was he putting his story up on the blog. His answer was so he could share his work with millions of other and give them ideas for better stories.
Whow this is powerful stuff. There classess love the comments that are made by their peers or parents.
Check out BlogMeister a safe and easy to use blog site. It has the advantage of linking you to other bloggers and teachers.

Another site designed specifically with teachers in mind is 21classes.com. I didn't know much about blogging at all and when I started last term I used this site with my children. We kept things private and all work was only viewable by our class or invited people just while we got our heads around it all. Now I'm more familiar with it and feeling more confident about how to manage it all we're ready to go global! :-). Keep you updated on that! Trish_Leam

Wikis are another great Web 02 tool allowing you an easy on line environment to share with others.
Have a go at setting one up for your class and sharing it here for others to see.
http://www.wikispaces.com/help#tochelp21Wiki Help

Here's a really simple, visual explanation of wikis from Common Craft who have produced some other really excellent videos explaining social bookmarking, social networking. He is using a camping trip as his example but imagine the ways you can use it in your class! I'm going to try this out with our Year 6 End of Year Dinner Planning Committee. Also a great tool for process writing because you can track all the edits a child has made to improve their writing.

Just found this little link to a teacher site which outlines the value of creating a wiki site for collobrative learning and organising. Has a little Utube movie to help you get started.

Date: Oct 7
In looking through an online conference for K12 teachers I found this awesome podcast from Kathy Cassidy
http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=39 in this site go to presentation and there is a podcast on how she has used bloggmeister, flickr, bubble shate and podcasting in her classroom. An awesome way to start. Great for sharing at staff meeting or just getting your head around where to start

This is what Allanah was saying on another of her wiki pages on workshops. In keeping with that philosophy here is a link to her wiki on blogging But she also has a great post on her blog BLING FOR YOUR BLOG based on her workshop at ULearn07