waycool2.gifWelcome to the Cambridge East page.

We are really into the wiki journey - we have lots of class wikis and the children are starting to take a more active role on the pages.
Have a look through the sites which are ready so far:

Room 4 - http://eastroom4.wikispaces.com/

Room 5 - http://eastroom5.wikispaces.com/

Room 6 - http://eastroom6.wikispaces.com/

Room 14 - http://eastroom14.wikispaces.com/

Room 3 - http://eastroom3.wikispaces.com/

Room 15 - http://eastroom15.wikispaces.com/

The library - http://cameastlibry.wikispaces.com/

There are more sites on the go - I'll add when ready.

Delicious sites:
A lot of classes have sites - most are linked from wikis - I'll add addresses soon.
Sandra's site at del.icio.us/eastwest4 - sites for kids.
Staff page at del.icio.us/cameast - helpful sites for inquiry ideas, search sites etc.