Looking for photo editing Try this as a free download http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php

Spell with flickr: Type in a word and this site will search flickr's photos, and create a montage of your letters
W A I l i T E

flickrCC: This site lets you search for copyright free images on flickr the photosharing site. Type in a key word and use the images that come up to stimulate discussion or story writing - anger, fear, loneliness, oldage (?).
flickr is excellent for finding images. There are groups with lots of story writing potential.
  • For example - Telling a Story in Five Frames .
  • Here is a discussion page where a teacher has asked the group for comments on her children's work. A great way to get feedback. Here's one of their stories - The Slide
  • Another flickr group is Six Word Story - where the aim is to tell a story in 6 words only with 1 photo.
  • People post their own 'stories' but for both of these groups not only could children's work be uploaded, but children could rewrite other people's works and upload to the discussion page.
  • LEGO vignettes - telling stories using LEGO.
Dumpr: Some interesting ways to present your photos (on a rubiks cube, hanging in a museum etc)
CogDogRoo: On this person's wiki, he has told the same story in 50 different ways to illustrate how 50 different tools can be used.
Picnik: A free online photo editing tool with cool features.
splashr: another way to present photos. Could be a stimulus for discussion, topic display, montage of work, a way to give a talk - rather than a linear slideshow presentation - how about a talk based on the pictures which provoke most discussion.

My Presentation
Here's a splashr presentation using food as the search topic, but people could have their own photos uploaded to their flickr account, given a specific 'tag' and used in the same way. A lot of these ides were shared by Ewan Mcintosh at his ULearn workshop on Web 2 tools. Great ways to use IT / Web 2 tools to enhance and highlight teaching / learning classroom programmes.

another presentation tool
Kathryn found this awesome site for reading along with children LookyBooks
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The following is a list of tools which I have enjoyed experimenting with and using. Great to use inconjunction with Wikis and Blogs.
Donna (Leamington)

Gliffy Online Diagram Software
Gliffy.com is free web based diagram software. Create and share flowcharts, network diagrams, floorplans, user interface designs and other drawings online.

Make your site come alive with glowtxt text generator. Create animated glowing text and comments for your blog, myspace, etc.

A quick and easy way to create timelines that you can put on your blog or website.

Photo effects for your photographs, cartoon, sketch, stencil, pop-art.

A free web application for brainstorming online.

Music videos for your images and pictures with high production value motion graphics.

Create your own WeeMee avatar. A social network built for fun were you can meet new friends, send messages and play games.

A VoiceThread is an online media album that allows people to make comments, either audio or text, and share them with anyone they wish. A VoiceThread allows an entire group's story to be told and collected in one place.

Photo Story 3 for Windows (free download)
Microsoft's Photo Story 3 for Windows is a very easy to use package for putting together a digital story
Bring your digital photos to life with Photo Story 3 for Windows. Download Photo Story 3 for free and experience your photos in amazing new ways.

Scrapblog is a site for building rich media scrapbooks online that can then be shared with family and friends ... and may also be a useful platform for digital storytelling.

Slide Share
A site where you can host your presentations and share them with others. Presentations can be linked to at the site itself or else embedded in a web page. You can also synchronise an MP3 audio file (podcast) with the slideset to create a slidecast.

Make your interactive poster easily and share it with friends.

A free, open source software for recording and editing sounds in Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems

Online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world

Online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world

Clstr Map
Thumbnail hit counter map widget and tracker shows locations of all visitors to any site

Free Logs
A free and reliable hit counter with many styles to choose from.

Public Domain Images
Several thousand copyright friendly images nicely organized in categories, free for all for any personal and/or commercial use, credit or back link is not required.

Includes both photographs and clip art, organized into topics, free to use in an educational setting.

Find Sounds
A free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples.