Inquiry Learning Hi, Inquiry Learning is a process of helping students to learn. There are many different models out there.
Take a look at some of these.
Big Six

Action Learning
(Gwen Gawith) Auckland: Longman Paul, 1988

Sauce(Trevor Bond)

3Doors to Infoliteracy (Gwen Gawith)

Inquiry learning focus on how we come to find the answer. Through the skill of qood qustioning within an authentic learning context. Rich Inquries encourages the use of higher order thinking skills and the development of essential and social communication skills.
Inquiry is an immportant part of the multiple-intelengence work and cooperative and collaborative learning.
ICT helps students to organise, analyse. interperet, justify, create and evaluate their own work.
Through Inquiry students are able to construct knowledge rather than recall and regurgitate information.
Retrive, evaluate and use information to make a difference, not just "present it"
Interact more positively with their peers within similar learning environments.
How about checking out some of thses web sites and introducing them to a friend.

A good easy read on Inquiry is this article in a Curriculum Concepts web page.

Jan-Marie Kellow's an efellow of 2007 did research into inquiry and has lots of tit bits on inquiry Learning.
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