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">www.http://chocolatefish.wikispaces.comIdeas for our Kids' Conference in Term 4.

Goal To have students sharing with their peers and possibly others a piece of software that is accessable to all students which they could use to enhance their learning.
Name - Kids' Conference
Where - Cambridge East
When - Tuesday week 4, term 4 Which will be 4th November. This will give students time in the week to share their learning with others.
Workshops - morning and afternoon - come at 9:30ish for m/tea&meet'ngreet time,
1st workshop 10-11:30,
11.30 12.15pm lunch,
2nd workshop 12:15-1:45 (allows kids to get home)
5 workshops running at once, possibly including 'expert', interactive/doing workshops - children learning
Workshop ideas - all 4 children present their program first - what it is, what you can do with it. Then tutor the others 1-1 or 2-2 (depending on number of computers) to complete a set task using the program. Start with simple steps and have extensions as necessary. Kids to put their workshop on a wiki for sharing as well - start their own Kids' Conference or WaiLite Kids wiki?
Who - 4 students from each school, Year 3 or older - starting with small numbers as it's our first year - may increase if we continue - look at possibly giving them a small gift - CD with software to try, pens, nametags etc - kids split into pairs for learning workshop
Schools involved: (indicate what your students may be able to run a workshop on next to your school's name)
Cambridge East - Pivot
Leamington- Photo Elements
Puahue - VoiceThread
Parawera-Draw programe to change photos
Pokuru- scrapblog
Pukeatua Advertisements
Arohena- Audacity
Wharepapa South- Morphing

How many of these programs involve wireless access? Please indicate-
Can each school provide 3 laptops for the day? 1 for demonstrating, 2 for working on.
Please bring a spare plugboard/extension cord if you have one.

Workshops - 4 children to present their workshop in a professional manner - show what the program is capable of and demonstate how they have used it in their learning.
Children who attend the workshop will get a CD of - the program installer if appropriate, examples of work using the program, a copy of the workshop.
Children will present in 4s but go in pairs to their chosen learning workshop.
Children will need to register for their learning workshop just like a REAL conference! First in, first served.

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4

10 - 11:30
Cambridge East


Photo Elements

Squiz Morphing
Wharepapa South

Workshop 5

Workshop 6
Workshop 7
Workshop 8

12:15 - 1:45
Changing photos with Paint




Still to choose - Leamington workshop a.m. and Arohena workshop p.m.

Resources needed -
6 data projectors - 4=Cam East, 1=Pauline, 1=Wharepapa
15 fully charged laptops - 1 laptop with the workshop/software loaded, 2 others per school for the learners.
Tables/chairs - trestle tables and chairs at Cambridge East.

Kids Conference 2009 Ab
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