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As we all had a great learning time and a lot of fun at Conference its now time to share our learnings with each other , set some goals and reflect. Please write your review below. You will be expected to return to this site again later in the year to tell us how the learning from conference has been used to change your teacher practice and classroom learning. (please put in URL's and wiki site links that you found useful.) If you have a powerpoint that you would like to share I use slide share to put mine up and find it very user friendly.)

Linda and Vicki from National Library and Paulne presented Traditional Tales with a Digital Twist .
Lead Teachers and myself were involved in presenting a review of our Kids Conference as a model for others
Linda and Sandra presented Thinking and Values in Junoir Literacy

Mel Sutton presented Picture Books for Senior Classes
Rosemary and Diane are presenting Bits and Pieces for Juniors
Sheree and Pauline presented Photos Galore

Learning @School Evaluation 2009 ( These cells will expand as you write)
Conf Reflection/Sharing
Working Towards
What it looks like.
Please place update for milestone 8 under previous comment but in different colour. This is updating us on "your present reflection to something you trialled due to L@S
Supporting leadership and networking of cluster personal. Presenting workshops on traditional Tales with a Digital Twist, Kids Conference and Using Photos to enhance a Literacy Programme.
Using ideas with teachers and students to support improving literacy in cluster students.
I have reflected on apropriate software for different goals. Looking at complexity of some tasks we expect students to preform may be beyond them thus we are using technology not for learning up for the sake of it.
John B
Learning Walks/Learning Talks-Cheryl Doig. A strategy to improve teacher reflection and performance, leading to improved student learning. The strategy presented built on practices we had implemented, and has the potential to be a powerful tool for reflection on, and enhancement of, teacher practice.
Developing a strategy that is co-constructed with the staff, the process is carried out by the staff and the recommendations are implemented by the staff.
A process of focussed evidence gathering, analysis, and future action that will improve learning outcomes for both staff and students.
Presented, Bits and Bobs for Junior Teachers -good reception and interaction
great questioning workshop (Ohaupo School)
Juniors can do it , Rachel Boyd, lots of practical ideas to integrate into programmes

Programme where 'Flip Video' cameras and digital mikes were used by children, later we purchased both!
constantly integrating into day
, i.e. portrait weaving, introducing myself,using speech bubbles, questioning etc

children used in interview situations
charts -y, PMI, tournament
to use in Inquiries and also everyday class activities
children can take ownership
widen horizons for literacy and numeracy activities
children interviewed peers and visitor during inquiry topic with confidence
chilren use cameras freely and take home when necessary for recording specific tasks
Linda Burtt
Digital workshop
Comic life
class room intergration making it a habit.
Comic life used widely now. Children enjoying programme Yr1, 2
Y charts for oral language more focussed.
Mel Sutton
Digital Blooms Taxonomy
Comic Life and Some other drawing thing
Scratch computer animation programming
Played with ideas but found it time consuming. Great to be exposed to new things but not suitable in some circumstances.
Moved on to other stuff. Digital editing is useful to me and I am using it in classroom programme.
Sandra M
Questioning skills.
Own presentation on day one was a major!
Major milestone!
incorperating them in all classroom programmes. Y charts etc.
classroom evidence.
Oral language more focussed.
John Mc
Testing testing come in please.. Saw Tony Ryan twice. Digital something? Talked about the digital world and all the things the children are into and us as adults haven't even heard of them. On line games etc. Don't shun them get with it! have a look etc.
move with the times

Habits of the mind with Karen Boyes.
Seen a few sites!! ?? Socal networking interaction site Face book, bebo etc.
Not too interested in fighting off the the enemies and making new cities however!

Incorperating them in class programme. Children become aware.

Introduced a few to the children and what they look like. links to values programme
Diane S
Getting a Grip on Questioning &
Umajin were the two most benefical workshops I attended
Integrating blue/green screening techniques in poetry so students can interact with their writing and using this technique with communicator 3 programme to produce mini TV show.
Better questioning for inquirys. The layers of questioning and the techniques to make better keyword searches
Students connecting with their learning. Integrating ICT skills to produce a polished end product.
Interactive books, imaginative poetry.

More productive internet searches for students.
Kathryn T
Comic Life

Useful sites for online learning

Have this available on my computer only. Didn't get it for other computers. A tool we have access to if needed
Always keen to build up more opportunities for online learning.
Purchased Mimio Board
Have had other things on the go so not using yet, but available.

Can direct children to appropriate sites to support teaching and learning
Relocated data projector to classroom and set up mimio for students and teacher. Chn find amazing things to do and are very creative.
Kevin Dury

Sheree H
Typography and digital literacy, Telling, selling, compelling- developing community engagement, inquiry learning - one schools learning model, using movie maker.
Am beginning to use different programmes to increase childrens literacy through ICT eg the use of Kid pix to express ideas, story starters etc.
- beginning to create strong networks within our school of working together to discuss new topics and how to include our parents and community
- Digital stories, story starter prompts used for writing.

- Collaborative planning. beginning to create class wikis, school website which share information and ultimately will be interactive.

- Discussing ways as a staff to create resources, planning models which are user friendly for all staff.
Umajin, Learnign styles, Enhancing the Key Competencies, Inquiry learning - a schools working model.
Whole school focuses. Incorporating ICT where it is beneficial to the learning we are doing. Utilising peer tutors.
Collaborative planning with staff starting with what we want our students to look like when they leave and building the plans of how we are going to facilitate this.
Wendy Crow
'Learning Walks'-Cheryl Doig
Effectively enhancing teacher practise.
Using the model Cheryl has developed for 'learning walks' to effectively enable us as a school to review and reflect upon our current practise.
After establishing criteria for review/reflection as a staff and setting protocols etc. Carry out a learning walk, anaylsis what the 'walk' shows and discuss/reflect what impact this has upon current practise- aiming high to raise student achievement.
Sandra Weston
Effective ICT Planning - one school's experience
with incorporating ICT into planning.
Including ICT processes and product in my planning - making sure I've got ICT opportunities
identified so I will include them.
Using Wordle for brainstorming, Wordart for visual vocabulary, wiki for sharing with parents, various graphic organisers for planning, photos of school activities for writing or using in Comic Life.
Have started a class blog to try to get more interaction with parents. Am making animated nursery rhymes.
Have also started to look at a school bank of resources on the server to support staff with ICT planning and how to incorporate it. Trying to include as a part of work, not an add-on.

Judith Allen
Highlights would be
*Digital Pedagogies- Tony Ryan
*THE FISH PHILOSOPHY- Karen Boyes- to create positive change in the relationships you create at work and home.
*Ways of knowing? Ways of Thinking- Julia Atkin
developing my digital pedagogy!
Tony Ryan makes it look easy...
Jan Collins
Attended 3 of Karen Boyes Breakouts which were particularly relevant to me with having a new class level this year.
The Fish Philosophy
Making the Habitd of minds meaningful
The Habits of minds info
Also a presentation by St Teresa's School on Thinking Skills and their school inquiry model was exteremmely benefical.
Incorporating what was learnt into class programme.Reference made to Habits of mind theory.
Establishing a positive class environmentand attitude
Use of PMI..Y chart. Tournament draws
Accessed new planning format books that address new curriculum
Use activities to promote positive attitude in class
Rose Symes
Attended Marina View Television with Colin Gover
and his Intermediate class - Communicator 3 programme. Kahootz.3 with Colin Gover
Using voice thread in the classroom.
Getting HOTS for inquiry with Jan-Marie Kellow
Playing with the Key competencies.
Developing digital stories.
Using this knowledge to develop our own class televison programme
Learning how to use Kahootz programme within the class.
Further developing my knowledge of the inquiry process and relating this knowledge and activities to the key competencies. Practice using digital stories within the classroom.
Working with Pauline and my class to use communicator 3 programme, confidently use video cameras to interview students. Confidently plan and design what is necessary to put together their own televison video reflecting our school culture and local district.
Ruth Foulkes
Went to Rachel Boyd
also an awesome breakout by Linda Clarke on
Establishing a questioning Culture

Maree Woodall

Linda McPhail
Effective ICT Planning - a school's journey in
planning for effective use of ICT. Upshot was
to ensure that relevant ICT opportunities are
identified and incorporated into planning - not
an add-on. Brainstorming ICT's in group planning
enabled wider range of options and use of tchr
My unit plans now have a section that incorporates
opportunities to use ICT's that are relevant
and will enhance student learning.
Unit on New Zealand - children took
digital photos of each other
to publish on wall display map
of New Zealand showing where
we were born - WALT take a
photo of our buddy in focus (Yr1&2)
Cora Bomans
Building Relationships - Carolyn Stuart, very interesting ideas to improve understanding between students and staff., use dialogue to create understanding then move onto discussion to come to a decision.
Bits and Bobs for Junior Teachers - Rosemary Cook, hands on, inspiring ideas e.g.creating digital storybooks
Using ideas to improve understanding in class situation and further develop the keycompetency, relating to others.
Incorperating ICT,thinking tools in inquiry, literacy, through a story.
Autumn unit - writing poems , extending vocab,children making pictures with leaves and taking photos , then write.
Also planning to make a movie with plasticine figurines.
Storystarters from photos taken by children.
Sally Anne Mc N

Janet Barett
Some of the Boyes stuff was useful, changing the names of the days of the week, but the kids soon got tired of it, as did I!
Tony Ryan seemed to be the same old, same old. All that said I would like to go back next time to go to different breakouts that I thought would be interesting after seeing
some other stuff at rotorua.

Mel Sutton was brilliant – have used her planning as a model for my writing.

Lynne Douglas
Habits of Mind - Karen Boyes
Inspired to use the HOM in the classroom and have the children using the language and demonstrating the skills involved
The Habits of Mind are clearly displayed in the classroom and referred to regularly.

Alie Rae

Juniors can do "IT" - Ideas for the implementation of ICT with Juniors by Rachel Boyd. A junior teacher providing practical ideas and strategies to support learning using ICT.
I am working towards using the digital camera to enhance literacy and numeracy learning in my junior classroom
Term 2 - let the children use the digital camera to support the key competency of working together. The children will take photos as evidence of them using this key competency. Children will take photos of facial expressions to support development of feelings vocabulary in their writing

Mandy Dawson
3 main highlights are Waikowhai Primary sharing their school wide inquiry model, Trevor Bond's session on Getting a grip on the Competencies and a workshop on developing a whole school vision with the focus on student learning
Working towards developing a school wide vision through consultation
Reviewing our implementation of the key competencies
Using newsletters, ensuring we include student voice - giving students opportunities, Facilitating BOT discussion
Pixie Tims

Debbie D
Habits of Mind in the classroom, inquiry learning (a school model), online NZ resources, LEARNZ virtual field trips.
-Using ICT to enhance literacy
-Choosing and using online resources to use in the classroom
-A class virtual fieldtrip.
-Students spending time on the computers familiarising themselves with the new kidpix
-Using photos and kidpix etc as story starters.
-Using the class camera to take photos of each other and environment.
Carolyn Knight
Habits of Mind

Using Web2.0 tools and UltraFlip camera.
Introduced Habits of Mind and defined "successful".
Learning to use Ultra Flip camera. Used it with Windows Moviemaker to present children's findings re 'favourite toys around the world'.
Pauline Baty

Angela Jenkins
I found the breakout that I went to of a school explaining their use of the Inquiry approach at their school very informative. It was refreshing to see it was quite do-able and very successful.

Umajin is a fantastic piece of software but not really suitable for my level of children.
I found it very valuable when we had the opportunity to get together as a school at the end of the conference and to discuss what we had found, our thoughts, and ideas. I was a nice way to end such an inspiring few days.

I have since implemented an Inquiry topic into my classroom. My inquiry also incorporated aspects from another breakout which focused on Thinking and Values in Junior Literacy which gave me ideas about how to incorporate ICT and thinking tools into Literacy. Such as using Kidpix and the digital camera, Thinking hats to supplement the book I was focusing on. Enhancing the key competencies – using Free ICT tools was great in getting websites that I could use.

Cheryl Doig - Learning walks. About gathering (data) information in a formal and in formal manner through class visits and reflective interviews with staff about what is seen in their classrooms. not to be used as appraisal, but certianly encourages relfections on ones practice when using this process.
As part of our curriculum development for our school we are setting best practice and what would be observed in each of the learning areas. what assements we wil use and weather it is used assessment for learning, of learning or for reporting.
the flow on from this will be clear expectations for each of the key learning areas as part of our school curriculum documentation.
Mike Malcolm
Tony Ryan challenged our thinking about Creativity, assessment and how to get the children engaged. This has links back to our school planning as we move forward with the Revised Curriculum and developing a matrix of learning for each area we teach developed with children, and developmental expectations for children. The Walkthrough workshop was disappointing and did not shed much light on the whole process and how it could be practically implimented that reading the 3 minute walkthough did not already do. To do this school wide would have to be carefully managed and could be done far less formally to achieve some fairly good results. Pam Hook challenged my thinking about Solo Taxonomy and further clarified my understanding of this pedaglogical tool. To work with her more would be very beneficial.
Developing school wide expectations particuarly in writing, reading, and oracy that would allow us to use a matrix to guide learning across a school. Using Eric ideas with solo taxonomy to think about depth of understanding / learning the chidlren are demonstrating.
School expectations in oracy, reading, writing being developed to match with our school goals to ensure alignment of purpose so that each teacher is able to build on and extend the work of previous teachers.