Wharepapa Sth have been accepted as an example of a friendly school and nominated for a space on their show.
Here is a comentary by Alyx to go with the classes movie.

This is an exciting way to improve students oral language.
Try out this apple web site adout Pt England School in Auckland and read how simply it can be done and how it has out weighed their expextations. It has had a huge impact on boys reading.


Are you interested in listening to a Podcast about Podcasting.

Hi Trish here, Here are some links to some useful sites on podcasting. The first is to Ewan McIntosh's blog (Keynote speaker at ULearn and emerging technologies guru) - His post is called Making your podcast more pro.Actually the rest of his blog has lots of food for thought or links to other useful resources.
Also this site is Susie Vesper's from Wellington. She has an excellent wiki with lots of great resources. Here is her podcasting page. Again another person who is a rich source of information, ideas and resources. Check out the rest of her wiki educationalsoftware and her blog The Petone Foreshore

Another interesting site from Jane Nicholls 2007 e-fellow whos research was on using podcasting to enhance children's oral language. This post from her blog page explains how a podcast was made using KidPix[[http://www.ictucan.podomatic.com/|]] make sure you scroll down the page because there are many more links you may find worthwhile.