Sharing Reflections - Terms 3 & 4 2009

Lead teachers' visit to Bellevue, Otumoetai and Tauriko - August 31 2009

Wow my head came back spinning and I've spent time reflecting through my photos and talking with you all.
We saw awesome classroom teachers in class involving their students into good learning practices. We saw a variety of ways thinking hats were incorporated in to learning on a daily basis making them a seamless learning activity. YYr2 and 3 students aharing their Blogs with us and using these as share reading and writing. And so much more...
I loved the big print hanging from childrens art/ digital stories as this ment they could be read from a distance.
Positive reinforcement and evaluation/reflective time was evident in most classess wher a space was provided for this to happen.
I would like to try out the geocaching. anyone ready to give it a go?
What about sending off a Flat Stanley and tracking him via Google maps. Ill give you the support you need. Let me know when your ready.
Love to have your sharing on here as well. Pauline

It was interesting to see the different displays in the classrooms. The use of Thinking Hats and also Solo Taxonomy. Intersting ways in which they used the space within the classroom and how they monitored children who were working on many things at different times. Sandra M ... look I'm first ... Gee I'm great!

After looking through all the photographs I took, one of things that stood out to me was how print rich all the classrooms were. Every surface possible was covered which was great. I also thought that the level of sharing in the schools was excellent, we saw the same signs in classrooms across the school and one school even used the senior students to make signs for the junior classes as a part of their inquiry. I thought this was a great use of time and made a flow through effect in the school. Julia

I agree with the comments about all of the print around the room and the variety of activities going on - it was very motivating. Ideas I liked and shared with other teachers back at school were:
having folders of the writing exemplars available for the children's reference
work stations for different curriculum areas
the resources
the multiple intelligence test you can take on line
I thought the geocaching was a great idea - I'd be keen to give the Flat Stanley idea a go next term with you Pauline.:) Sandra

I was overwhelmed by the amount of childrens work on the walls, ceiling and any other avaible space! It was great to see the hats in action and also the use of Solo Taxonomy. I thought it was fantastic how one teacher used her blog and it seemed such an easy way for the kids to be able to add and find any information they were using in class. I would love to look into this and create my own classroom blog. I aslo liked how the children that were using the blog's work was projected onto the whiteboard as a means for the teacher to monitor what they were doing (such a small thing but a great idea to manage what is put on the blog!)
Lastly I liked how in most of the classes we visited there was different spaces for different learning, it seemed to focus the children into what they were doing and they were able to easily tell us what they were learning and why.
Pauline - I would like to give the geocaching a go, it looks really interesting! Sheree

Hi Sheree it looks as though you and Sandy both are interested . So just for you Im doing a geo caching workshop at ULearn!

Have seen some good ideas for a Flat Stanley idea. Can be any character. Seems to get good results and sparks alot of oral language and research skills.
Alana has used a rat toy Sparky I think he's called. Each Sonday he emails her with a picture of where he is. On Monday she share this with the children and they have to find out where he is ( images from Google) and suggest things he might be able to do, places to visit and resturants to visit. the children email him at school and from home. Alana has a gmail adddress set up for him. She says it has been really a great learning experience for her students and hasnt kept her to busy. Its amazing the information the students share with him.. even asked him to write to a lonely friend!!