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Gaming.,. the way to go with KidsHave a look at these sites ...(sent from Rocky Jensen SSAdvisor)
1. Kids creating games - the use of software such as Scratch and Quia.
My website for this presentation: the Scene?t=anon
2. The use of mini-games - games that aim to help learners with a specific learning objective.
Rachel Boyd's delicious links have some goodie: Game choice needs to be closely matched to the needs of learner –there are so many out there that this can be quite a task !!! I always like for juniors.
Topmarks is also a great search engine for finding interactive activities it says for whiteboards but I ignore that:
Jaceria Meynick came and talked about her students response to this

In June 207 I held an Eastern Cluster meeting and we looked at planning a learning unit.
I presented a Powerpoint with a collection of photographs taken from an Inquiry into the messages given to us from Fairy Tales.
Thanks to the 2006 staff of Newstead School who provided these.
I can not Insert Fairy Tales PowerPoint here as it is too big. If you would like a copy of it please email me.(Pauline)

Yesterday September 6 2007 we met at Arohena and it was a warm day. (About time!!) We shared our journeys via power points and they were great if we say so ourselves! Just trying to see if this works! (John M)